Periphery - Make Total Destroy (Instrumental)

Video Premiere: Last Chance To Reason, "The Escapist - Alternative Press

The latest from Last Chance to Reason and it is insanely good!

Adjustment, by Messier

This is my bands new track just released last week! Have a listen and download it for free!! Tell me what you think!

Adjustment, by Messier

Yo metal lovers! It is my honor to present my bands new track! Please give it a listen and hell download it for free if you would like! \m/ fo lyfe!!

Periphery - Full LIve Set! 

This is the shit!

Periphery - Luck As a Constant Live

Veil of Maya - Punisher ( Official Live Video )

Meshuggah - Personae Non Gratae


The Guys Are Bringin it for us for early 2013. I have to say im pretty EXCITED!!!

Cant wait for this shit!

Corelia- The Sound of Glaciers Moving live in the studio!

Between the Buried and Me - Disease, Injury, Madness 

One of my favorite songs ever!

Corelia - Glass Faces

I lub this band

Protest the Hero - C’est La Vie

The Contortionist - Vessel
What the fuck man! This fucking song is way too damn good!